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Treasurer's Office


The Treasurer/CFO provides leadership and supervision in the program of fiscal management. He is responsible for prudent management, optimal investment, and clear reporting of the district’s financial resources. The Treasurer/CFO shall be directly responsible to the Board for the performance of the following duties, responsibilities, and functional areas:


  • Budgeting services
  • Receiving and disbursing services

  • Payroll services

  • Financial accounting services

  • Auditing services

  • Property accounting services

  • Purchasing services

  • Investment management

  • Debt management

Treasurer’s Office Staff 

Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer: Craig A.  Jones

Assistant Treasurer: 

Accounts Payable: 



Payroll services

  • Payroll services involve those activities concerned with making periodic payments to employees entitled to remuneration for services rendered. Payments are also made for such payroll-associated costs as federal income tax withholding, retirement, et

Disbursing services

  • Disbursing funds involves paying out of money.  It includes the pre-audit of requisitions or purchase orders to determine whether the amounts are within the budgetary allowances and to determine that such disbursements are lawful expenditures of the school and district.

Purchasing services

  • Purchasing services involves the acquisition of supplies, furniture, equipment, and materials used in the school or school system operation.

Purchasing Procedures