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Our school district is on a mission. We are destined to improve academically, organizationally, and fiscally. We are committed and determined to work with all of our stakeholders to make certain that significant improvement is realized. We are moving into a new chapter of our district’s history with a singular, clear-cut focus on teaching and learning. Every stakeholder in our district must be committed to excellence and serious about meeting the needs of all students. Focusing on teaching and learning affords a tremendous opportunity to greater school attainment, dramatically and swiftly reducing the achievement gap, and enhancing the “life chances” of all children, regardless of their social or economic circumstances. With true quality instruction, we can create a Jefferson Township Local School District that is better than anything that we have ever seen or imagined.
Jefferson Township Local School District is founded on the belief that all students can achieve excellence. Our staff focuses on rigorous instruction, common core standards, and high quality data to lead students into becoming assessment capable learners. We offer small class sizes and tailored learning experiences for each students.
Each year subject areas and curriculum are reviewed to ensure we have updated and current instructional materials for our students. In addition to academic excellence, we take pride in our schools but completing several initiatives and upgrades. The district is 1:1 on Chromebooks and iPads for student use in the classrooms. In preparing for the 2023-2024 school year, each classroom has been equipped with an interactive smartboard to further hands on learning and activities. Each school has also been set up with virtual reality headsets to allow students to interact with various activities such as virtual field trips, space exploration, biology animal dissection, and more. 
We look forward to serving you and your students as we move the district forward.