Dear Parents/Guardians:
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August 2012

This letter is to let you know that Blairwood Elementary and Jefferson Jr. / Sr. High have been identified as "In Need of Improvement". School Improvement means your school did not meet Ohio's goals in reading, mathematics, or attendance for two years in a row or more. The students at Blairwood Elementary School met Ohio's goals in the following areas: 6th grade reading and building attendance. However, students at Blairwood did not meet Ohio's goals for 3rd - 5th grade reading/mathematics, 5th grade science, and 6th grade mathematics. In addition, the students at Jefferson Jr. / Sr. High School did not meet the requirements set forth by the state of Ohio in the following areas: 7th - 8th grade reading, mathematics, and science, as well as 10th-11th grade reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and 12th grade graduation. Conversely, students at Jefferson Jr. / Sr. High met the attendance and writing requirements set forth by the Ohio Department of Education. If you would like to compare school/district report cards with ours, report card data can be found

Also, parents of children who attend Title I schools or schools in improvement status such as ours, have the Public School Choice option available to them. Students have the option of remaining at Jefferson Township Local schools or attending a school that is not identified for School Improvement. The following schools meet the Public School Choice requirements:

  • Richard Allen Academy I, 700 Heck Ave Dayton, OH 45408
  • Richard Allen Academy II, 400 E. 2nd St. Dayton, OH 45402
  • Horizon Science Academy 545 Odlin Ave. Dayton, OH 45405

To help the Jefferson Township Local School District increase student academic achievement, we have developed a strategic plan centered on student success. Currently, we offer intervention throughout the school day for students who need assistance in reading and math. We have high expectations for all students and our primary mission is teaching and learning. We are working very hard to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. It won't happen overnight. We ask our entire Jefferson Township educational community to support our schools and join in the work of making a positive impact on the lives of our children.


Dr. Richard Gates,
Superintendent of Schools